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Fleshworks T​attoo

Minors require parental consent for ALL services.  Photo or government issued ID is required by all persons receiving services,  as well as parents and legal guardians.

Price List

Tattooing is charged by the quarter hour at a rate of $200 per hour.


There is a minimum charge of $150 for a sitting of  a half hour or less.


Touch ups are $25-$100 at the artist's discretion.



Facial (nostril, lip, eyebrow, septum)

Price depends on jewelry choice.




Price depends on jewelry choice.




Price depends on jewelry choice.  Multiple piercings in the same site are discounted.  The industrial piercing is $110.




Must be 18+





Must be 18+


Ear Lobes


Priced per pair

Child (4 to 12 years)                                    $95


Adult           $120 per pair

                       $65 per single


Jewelry downsize $25

Jewelry install is free with the purchase of new jewelry.  All other installs or removals are subject to a $10 fee.

Our Team of ARTISTS

Roger de la Salle

Master Tattoo Artist

With two decades of experience, Roger specialized in fine line, portraiture and detailed work.  He enjoys other mediums of art such as airbrushing , oil painting and acrylic pouring. 

Brad Huser

Master Tattoo Artist

Brad has been perfecting his style since 2011.  Brad has ability in many different styles of tattooing.

Lori de la Salle

Body Piercer

Lori has been in the industry for over 18 years and has been piercing for over 3 years now.  


We only use the best quality products

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